What is Grownup Girlz Camp all about?

This way to the all-inclusive women's weekend


All-inclusive women’s weekend!

Join us for a fun, affordable all-inclusive woman’s weekend! Grownup Girlz Camp is a joyful gift you give yourself, permission and freedom to take time to escape from the daily grind, to meet new friends and try new things.  It’s the ultimate girlfriend getaway weekend where you can let your hair down and just enjoy yourself and other fabulous women.

Just for you… Just because!

The idea for  “Grownup Girlz Camp” came to me when my super good friend and I were dropping our boys off at summer camp.  On the drive back home, we said “That’s looks like fun, we really need a camp for us moms!” It would be great to just have some R&R time to kick back and indulge in fun things that we never have the time to do.  However, our mom’s camp would have some key differences! Instead of archery and badminton, we would relax by the pool and have fun dance classes and instead of arts & crafts, we would have fun classes on jewelry making or wine tasting.

After further consideration, I realized that this would not only be perfect for moms, but for all fabulous grownup girls.

Grownup Girlz Camp is  the ultimate women’s weekend getaway where our “campsite” is a beautiful hotel and your “cabin’ is a luxurious private suite.  Now wouldn’t you love your own suite for the weekend?

Relaxing at the women's weekend getaway

The fun starts on Saturday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon.   We fill the time with lots of fun activities us grownup girlz would love to do but never seem to have the time.

Gazebo Pool, Whirlpool

Take time to escape from the daily grind, to meet new friends and try new things at this unique and affordable weekend getaway for women..