Grownup Girlz Camp is a unique FUN women’s weekend!
Fun women's weekend for everyone!

It’s a “retreat” for the rest of us.


What sets us apart as a FUN women’s weekend?

Grownup Girlz Camp is a great place for all types of women to come together, let go of your worries about home or work and just focus on yourself. Our “campsite” is a beautiful hotel, and our “cabins” are gorgeous resort guest rooms (no “roughing it” here!).

Most other woman’s retreats are very spiritual in nature and are provided by specific churches, or they focus on “wellness” programs for the mind and body.  They address a specific niche. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with those types of programs, our fun women’s weekend provides a different type of unique getaway that focuses on pure joy and fun!   We celebrate the power of play.

According to Parents magazine-“Carving out time to spend with your gal pals is good for your health, your kids, and even your marriage!” This is where “Grownup Girlz Camp” comes in!

Archery, cord braiding crafts, talent shows….  no way.  This is not your childhood camp. This is Grownup Girlz camp, our camp activities have a grownup girl twist…

  • Happy Hour
  • Scrap booking or Jewelry Making
  • Belly Dancing
  • Self Defense Demos
  • “Chick Flick” Movie night
  • Cooking Demos or Cake Decorating
  • Wine Tasting
  • Pampering yourself silly and spending a luxurious night in a beautiful private suite!

All for an affordable all-inclusive price.

Set aside your to-do list and your hectic schedule and give yourself permission to play! Rediscover the young-at-heart girl inside at Grownup Girlz Camp, the ultimate all-inclusive fun women’s weekend getaway catering to women who need a little “joy break” and just want to have fun. Why? Why not?

Grownup Girlz Camp… Just because!

The weekend is yours for the taking – no “musts” or “gottas” – just a whole lot of whatever strikes your fancy.

You don’t need an excuse to de-stress, re-charge your batteries and tickle your funny bone!  Let your hair down and just be silly! Come on out to play!  No men, no kids, no work, no stress.  Two days devoted just for YOU.