Are people born seeing the glass half full or half empty?

Are people born seeing the glass half full or half empty?

Do you ever wonder about that grumpy neighbor down the street whether or not he was born that way? The truth is that our level of optimism and positivity is a complex mix of genetics, how we react to our world and our life circumstances.   Our DNA determines about 50% of our disposition for positivity, 40% is influenced by how we view and react to things that happen to us and the remaining 10% is what actually happens to us in life. We can’t change our DNA, but we can change how our brain process’s and interprets life. It is called neuroplasty, and it is a way we can train our brain to overcome negative thoughts. We can dial-up our positivity meter by adopting new thought patterns, behaviors and actions. By expressing gratitude, recognizing the positive moments in our life, completing random acts of kindness, and strengthening our connections with people and loved ones, we can start to shift our focus from the negative to the positive. Like any habit, it can take time, but you can practice positive emotional qualities to build your positivity muscle.


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